How do I Feng-Shui my DEI front door and is that even a thing?

by Tahitia Timmons MSN, CDP

I am just going to say it because it needs saying - there is no quick fix or quick journey or even journey that ends when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, acceptance, awareness and justice work.

The work is ongoing and requires dedication to embracing the idea that your DEI person or team are permanent positions. That this is not a popular trend by those with white guilt or the liberal media that will vanish once we (society) focus on something else.

Why acknowledging matters is because currently the turnover rate for Chief Diversity officers is about three years according to this article at Diversity Inc titled CDOs on the Run.

Cautionary Tale

Which brings me back to Feng-Shui. Years ago it was everywhere, so much so that my 80 something old neighbor knew what it was. I am not saying that the practice of Feng-Shui is not valid but Western culture unfortunately reduced and monetized it almost to the point of invalidating it.

The cautionary tale of the Western Culture and Feng-Shui is one that DEI experts should take to heart. Think about how many organizations focused on DEI efforts whether that be as learners or providers of education, strategy or tools. However at the core are these efforts performative? Are we still asking how to move the needle? Are we still not fully embracing DEI into the organizational structure as departments? Are we fully supporting those in the role - I mean funding.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity - isn't a trend

My final thoughts are we are really looking to create organizational change that is purpose driven and authentically reflects the communities businesses function in when we discuss the need for DEI. Which is always a good space to be doing the hard work.

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